“You deserve to feel happy now, not some imaginary time in the future when the stars align” Sarah Von Bargen 

Find things to be happy about RIGHT NOW. Your life is not going to be solved when you get that promotion, creatively make something “good”, make “more money”, get your chores “done”, meet a new friend, or have a “good date” .

All of those things sure help and yet… They don’t solve the problem. None of my accomplishments or talents or good days solves a thing. Only when I said hey I like my effort, drive, and the way I do things do I figure out how to feel better.

If you’re trying to figure out your life, surprise! This is your life right now.

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I'm a graphic designer (portfolio), classical pianist and artist in Baltimore, MD. I host the Uncanny Creativity Podcast helping to demystify the creative process and creator of Funlooksfun.com, an online shop for apparel and games. Twitter: @sketchee

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