Opinion Manifesto

Another manifesto – a public declaration of aims.

My one-word theme for 2019 has been “Accept”, so a manifesto on opinions feels good.

Opinion Manifesto

1. Love people first, then philosophy

2. It’s not good because I like it. It’s not evil because I don’t like it.

3. Ideas, suggestions, and thoughts – not truths.

4. Own thoughts in my active voice.

5. Personal speaks to the universal

6. I shouldn’t should. (You might want… or they may choose…)

7. Ideas may change others, only if they choose to change.

8. Strong judgments create a mirror on the judger.

9. Inquire gently


I'm a graphic designer (portfolio), classical pianist and artist in Baltimore, MD. I host the Uncanny Creativity Podcast helping to demystify the creative process and creator of Funlooksfun.com, an online shop for apparel and games. Twitter: @sketchee

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