One word theme for 2017: Go

This week’s A Little Happier holiday hack is to choose one word, or a short phrase, to sum up what we want to focus on for the new year.Source: A Little Happier: What’s Your One-Word Theme for the New Year?

For 2016, my one word theme is “Listen”. (For my 34th, year it’s “Balance”.) 

The word Listen reminds means engaging my senses in the moment. Accepting what I hear. Find the fun part.

Loving music in new ways,  diving into improv, finding new ways to hear people around me.

For 2017, I’m picking “Go”. 

Let Go. Go Forward. Take action.

“You can’t be that kid, standing at the top of the waterslide, overthinking it. You have to go down the chute.” Tina Fey

I'm a graphic designer (portfolio), classical pianist and artist in Baltimore, MD. I host the Uncanny Creativity Podcast helping to demystify the creative process and creator of, an online shop for apparel and games. Twitter: @sketchee

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