What Motivates Us? Being noticed.

In experiments, just showing that you notice other people’s work increased performance.

When researchers simply looked at a people of paper before filing it, subjects were able to do more tasks. The other two lesser conditions were simply filing without looking or immediately destroying the paper after it was done.

Try this: Simply show you notice what other people around you are doing.

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"Life is improv. Not a fact test. You take the bad notes and weave them into music." James Altucher

"What happened to the idea that a 40% success rate made someone the best baseball player in the history of the world? "Or the idea that if only 50% of your business decisions are correct, you’ll have a billion dollar business. "Or the idea that, in the hands of an artist, even the wrong note can be turned into beautiful music? "Life is improv. Not a fact test. You take the bad notes and weave them into music." James Altucher Source: 15 Essential Skills They Don't Teach You In College - Altucher Confidential

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David Allen on Why We Write Down Ideas

“If you write down the idea, a part of you knows that your brain no longer has to keep hold of it, so it's free to range and roam into new territory.  “If your goal is to have the best ideas that you can about anything, you want to be able to draw on as many possibilities as you come up with, which gives you the widest range of choices.  "Having a place for ideas, whenever and wherever you might have them, combined with the habit of free-form recording of those ideas, guarantees a great deal of valuable thinking that ... Read more

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