What I Learned This Week

Chesapeake Shakespeare Company, Baltimore Maryland
Chesapeake Shakespeare Company, Baltimore Maryland

Last night’s Mortified podcast taping at the beautiful Chesapeake Shakespeare Company ended with this segment.
So here’s…

What I learned this week:

1. In many British primary schools, the ukulele has replaced the recorder.

I picked up a ukulele this past week after seeing a guy walking down the street playing one. Haha! Well after years of piano, a portable instrument sounds awesome

Turns out that it’s super easy. So easy in fact it turns out that in Britain many schools are replacing the recorder with the ukulele in schools. Learned this from a mention on the Ooktown podcast.

2. I’m real fortunate to have $15 (suckers)!

That I’m able to spend on things like a live podcast taping ticket with pals without thinking twice.

I’ve been paying down those credit cards. Very close to being there!
When budgeting, saving, freelancing and Suze Orman you have to decide what you spend your money says what you value in life. It’s not easy and no one’s knows that for you. (Even if they want to!)

I’m sure I’ll have more ups and downs. It’s a life long thing, not something that just gets fixed. Good for now!!!

If you think you can’t save play a fun/terrifying game. Ask a friend about your spending habits. Any good friend who’s heard you whine about your money problems has a secret list of things that they watch you spend money on that aren’t:

(a) the cheapest ever food
(b) cheapest ever housing
(c) what they would do so the thing you did just annoyed them
(d) about, on, or for them so was also annoying.

3. Do what you do where you are

My gym was redoing it’s floors which really messed up my routine and canceled all of my usual classes. Still making the best of it, every single day ended up with something interesting and fun. The timing was perfect since my schedule next week is shifting temporarily. New class, projects, and freelance plans.

I’m a huge fan of Getting Things Done method of organization. It’s all about focusing on context. What can you do right now? Write yourself a note. Set a reminder. Put it on your calendar. Super simple and yet a lot of folks don’t do any of it.

I have tons of ideas on how to fill my time and how to do enough. The trick is to just make a decision and do that. If you’re FOMO person who’s waiting for something better to come along, no one is putting you on the top of their list either.

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