Setting, Sharing, and Keeping Goals

“When other people know of this identity goal we are chasing, we often substitute actually doing work towards that goal with the intent of doing that work.”

I wish I had less free time. I’m always more motivated to use the precious time I have when I have less of it.

Projects feel like working for a Marvel movie. I love when it’s done and I can finally share. Sharing afterwards does motivate me. “I bought a ukulele!”, not “I’m going to buy a ukulele”. Know yourself.

Something to try if that resonates with you.

Even in the super secret world of Marvel films, there’s are accountability partners. In the wide world, the films are announced at a point. Work goes on. Discuss those Specific, Measurable, Agreed Upon, Realistic, and Time-Based goals with people who enjoy position of keeping us in check. (<3 SMART goals)

Bassam Tarazi breaks down what the research is and isn’t saying in: CSI: TED Talks – What Derek Sivers Was Really Saying

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