Re: My friend claims that if a man catcalls a woman, it is a compliment. How can I sway her otherwise? Quora

“My friend claims that if a man catcalls a woman, it is a compliment. How can I sway her otherwise?”

I’m a fan of over polite comments. You can’t really change minds. You can make your opinion clear. Show that you know others get to have their own thoughts and feelings about it. The more cool you are about disagreeing, the more likely that others will want to hear your point of view

“Sure, you can feel complimented by strangers comments about your body all you want. I’m more than that. For myself I respond better to guys who want to start off showing they want to get to know me.”

Attempt to change the subject and focus on the good aspects of your friendship. Throw in a “Well we disagree on that topic. You’re great and we’re friends because [other stuff here].”

If the friend pushes the subject “We both feel pretty strongly about this. Don’t want it to seep into other things. I hope if you’re with me and someone catcalls me, you’ll be understanding if I find it upsetting and not cool. Besides that I don’t have any expectations about this”

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