Re: 80 Productivity Tips From Incredibly Busy Experts

Successful experts sharing their absolutely BEST productivity tip that they use in their business.

Source: 80 Productivity Tips From Incredibly Busy Experts

A productivity pattern I notice. Taking action requires being aware of, control, and expressing one’s emotions. Handling yourself and interpersonal relationships empathetically.

Behavior tests thoughts which leads to feelings. Any other order leads to humor.

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Tattling at work:  Ask a Manager

I’m realizing I love advice columns for their vivid characters, details, and stories. Hope and positivity is built into the format. "The first thing to know is this: There’s no such thing as tattling in the workplace. Tattling is a concept from kindergarten. It doesn’t apply to adults. So you should drop it from your thinking altogether." The linked column I love since now I imagine work as old children playing make believe. Design work involves a lot of opinion. So it’s pretty key to focus on decision makers and final approval processes.  

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Brian's Success Report

These questions invoke a nice sense of personal clarity. "External Goals: You are not interested in becoming famous and don't overly enjoy the attention of others. You are not generally attention seeking. You are not interested in making the world a better place and would rather focus on other goals. You don't really like positions of authority and will avoid them as much as possible." "Internal Goals: Love and good relationships are very important factors for you. What is life without love? You cherish the relationships of those around you and have a lot of love to give. You have ... Read more

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