On Election Day

Many tell me that I’m optimistic. I consider myself at best to be a realist. And so when we can, we’ll be prepared to not get what we want. Grieve and mourn as you must. Certainly some news is less than ideal for a great many in our world.

Many psych tests would say I’m an idealist. So as an idealist, I’d say that often situations will be harder than we want. Many difficult moments will be ahead. I know that I surround myself with those who are inspire to tackle difficult challenges. It’s a loss, sure. So pull yourselves together and get some hope.

Now that you’ve shown the fire in your heart, continue to hope. Continue to speak up. Take action.

When I was in college, I wrote my senators about my career. I read this idea in a book. And I’m not above writing anyone.

So one senator sent me a ton of personalized information about my field, biggest related companies in my area, general information on how best to successfully enter the business work. Another senator wrote saying this was outside of the scope of their office.

Of course I wrote back something “Thank you so much about letting you know about the scope of your office. It was within the scope of your colleague Senator so-and-so. Please pass along my appreciate when you see her!” Then I got some suck up apology letter saying how closely they worked with so-and-so.

Even if it’s just some interns in an office somewhere, it adds up. The people who don’t believe what you believe are happy to write. I’m always having conversations with people. Some don’t care about the things we care about. Or at least not as much as other things.

Continue to write letters and emails to your representatives on local, state, and levels. Call their hotlines. Speak to the organizations that are advocating for your causes. Have conversations with your friends, family, strangers. Endings are new beginnings. Where one path ends, another begins.

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