On Commuting

When I’m commuting, I pretend that every other car – including mine – has a cake in their passenger seat.

Then I’m never stressed.

You figure jerks cars worry about whatever party that cake is for.

When I piss off other cars, I shrug cause I’m trying not to wreck my cake.

What does everyone cares way more about? Cake and parties? Or accidentally mangling the bod of some mother of two???

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On Human Interaction

Try looking out of this when you're watching tv, movies, or when reading Facebook for entertainment purposes. The Karpman Drama Triangle is an social pattern within natural character conflict in interactions. Karpman was interested in acting. So he thought of the ways we act in dysfunctional roles in real life: The "Victim". A helpless, martyr-like, and indecisive stance. A A victim is freed once they test the limits of control in some situations and act. Focus on being involved with realistic positive outcomes. The "Rescuer". An enabling view feels guilty if not helping others. A rescuer is better off showing ... Read more

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Write to Your Congressman

On How to Write Your Congressman, The Art of Manliness, Harry R. Burger writes: “Why should my Congressman care what I think?” you may ask. Well, you are one of their constituents–that makes it their job to represent you in government. They work for you, and if they don’t do their job and satisfy the people they represent, they can get voted out of office in the next election. This concept that we vote people in, then post-election leave them alone is silly. In a republic, our elected officials are mandated with the task of representing us. All of us. ... Read more

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