On Being A Citizen

“Actually, democracy isn’t an entertainment product.” Steve Almond

From the episode: ’How do you balance being informed citizens without being angry and upset all the time?’

For myself, I’ve noticed that I can be stressed or energized by pretty much anything. 

A starter draft of my citizen manifesto: 

Focus on being organized. Take action with a sense of purpose. Get specific about what tools I’m using (i.e. social media) and why. Develop and invest in supportive honest and considerate relationships.

The Sugars return for Part 2 of “Dear Sugar Radio: The Writers Resist” at The Aladdin Theater in Portland, Oregon. They discuss how to counteract post-election cynicism with Zahir Janmohamed, writer and co-host of the podcast “Racist Sandwich,” and they answer questions from the audience in rapid-fire fashion.

Listen to the full episode: Dear Sugar Radio Live: The Writers Resist, Part 2

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