“Too often creativity is smothered rather than nurtured.” Maya Angelou

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have. It is our shame and our loss when we discourage people from being creative. We set apart those people who should not be set apart, people whom we assume don’t have a so-called artistic temperament, and that is stupid.

“Too often creativity is smothered rather than nurtured. There has to be a climate in which new ways of thinking, perceiving, questioning are encouraged. People also have to feel they are needed.”

Maya Angelou (Bell Telephone Magazine, 1982)

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Silence is more important than you think

“The role of creative expression, as with the role of critical reflection, is to uncover them, and help us understand them more deeply. And creativity, like thought, takes quiet time and a sense of space to encounter it with our full attention.” “Reflectivity, Creativity, and the Space for Silence”, by Jane Dawson of St Francis Xavier University I discuss the role of silence in creative expression over at my blog Uncanny Creativity. Read more about how silence helps be more creative.

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