“It’s easy when you’re speaking the truth. Life’s too short to do anything else.” Kristen Chenoweth

Source: episode #69 Kristin Chenoweth – Anna Faris Is Unqualified – Podcast

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Happy Anthems: Songs That Boost My Mood

Here’s my list of 229 songs I love when I need to make my day a little better. They remind me to have fun. Let go. Feel connected to others. Be myself. Any songs you’d add? Do any of these seem weird to you? "A 2010 study published by the Association for Psychological Science linked creativity most with positive moods. Using music and video clips, participants were primed for certain moods by researchers of the University of Western Ontario. Those who listened to the happiest music or watched an cheerful video were most able to recognize creative patterns. The happy ... Read more

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Level Up Your Skill With Deliberate Practice

I love to occasionally walk over and watch Peabody’s awesome free classical piano Masterclasses. The theme when viewing these classes demonstrates talent, time, and natural characteristics are lesser factors in improvement. The actual key? Deliberate Practice: "We agree that expert performance is qualitatively different from normal performance and even that expert performers have characteristics and abilities that are qualitatively different from or at least outside the range of those of normal adults. However, we deny that these differences are immutable, that is, due to innate talent. Only a few exceptions, most notably height, are genetically prescribed. Instead, we argue that ... Read more

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