I Listen to My Roommates For Some Reason – I’m Not Wrong Advice Column

The latest advice column from imnotwrong.com has some good news for once. If your parents are annoying you, try out the song John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt until they submit:

When the roomies talk about how they’re tracking you, you just start whispering the song. Get louder. Sing faster. Sing it sadder. Sing it happier. Try doing it as your favorite movie character. Play their attention game. Annoying you makes them feel important? Fine, be more annoying! You’re important too. Being annoying is achievable! What one man can do, any other man can do. You’ve learned from the best, your own parents. Will they give up first or will you?

As Barney the Dinosaur explains in this clip, it’s a song that let’s you pretend you’re the same person. Which is what you’re doing. Awesome!

Read the full column: I Listen to My Roommates For Some Reason – I’m Not Wrong

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