“Every fear contains a wish.” Steve Almond

“Every fear contains a wish.” Steve Almond

Source: Dear Sugars – Episodes We Love: Make The Call

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"People think that personality traits and intelligence are static, but our brains are much more plastic and malleable than we realize, at any age." Karla Starr

"I was surprised to find out how easily this can happen when we get information about ourselves. If a grade school teacher tells us that we’re not cut out for music, we learn that we’re no good. So So we’ll never practice, get more flustered when we do, and assume that improving is harder for us than others—even though getting better takes time for everyone. More often, however, we’ll just quit. We don’t realize how many aspects of our life are self-fulfilling prophecies, and the lengths that people will go to in order to avoid being wrong about themselves and ... Read more

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"How to be a great conversationalist … Your job is often to be a good listener" Daniel Post Senning

“How to be a great conversationalist … Your job is often to be a good listener. If you’re talking to 1 other person, your share of the conversation pie is about 50%. You get to talk about half the time. You’re getting to listen about 1/2 the time also "As soon as there’s 3 people, your share of that pie as a talker gets smaller. It drops to about a 1/3. You're listening twice as much as talking. You're 2/3 and talking a 1/3 if you’re lucky. “With 4 people, you’re listening 3 times as much as you’re talking. It’s ... Read more

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