Curious: One-word theme for Age 36

“If you look at a thing, the very fact of your looking changes it…if you think about yourself, that very fact changes you.” Robert Penn Warren (Flood: A Novel)

I hope to witness and workaround the downsides of curiosity: Doubtful skepticism. Overstepping. Self-destructiveness. Distraction. Blame.

I choose to act on the upsides of curiosity. Instead of presenting opposition, I’ll try to show I’m on your side, I’m on my side, and explore ideas with you.

I’m often surprised when I present an idea and it’s received conflicting. I tend to feel that most ideas are additive and compatible. The question to explore is how, when, and where an idea belongs in practical senses.

With purpose and repetition, I can gain skill in presenting a shared world of thoughts.

I love the one word theme years. In a word, I conjure up a version of myself.

A dog is trained to heel. In the same way, practice over a year – or even the idea of practice itself – that once felt hard becomes easily summoned with a single command.

Reviewing last year: Age 35 – Process:

Once you look at a series of actions and steps in our goals on such a small level, it can seem silly to not move forward.

I’ve discovered that I can identify easy steps to change. Overwhelmed by chores? Stand up. Look around.

Let myself view on a small level.

We can see the easy parts. Why change the hardest part when often it’ll change anyway by tackling something so easy?

There’s a downside to processes too. We convince ourselves that our actions remain so small that it must be neutral or good.

Once put into one context or another, that little moment can become something no longer valuable.

Let myself view at a higher altitude.

One word themes

  • 2018 Complete. (Level Up by Ciara)
  • 2017 Go. (Ready to Go by Panic at the Disco)
  • 2016 Listen (Listen by Beyonce).
  • Age 36 Curious (Witness by Katy Perry)
  • Age 35: Process (Life is Wonderful by Jason Mraz)
  • Age 34: Balance (The Middle by Jimmy Eat World)
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