Are you pushy or a pushover?

“We’re talking about us versus everyone else. How we act together or not to get things done. Can you say no to people and projects? Can you set boundaries so that you have enough space, energy and time for your own needs?

“Can you ask people for things? Are you able to make requests – Are you able to make demands even where appropriate. Are you able to inform other people what you want from them? Not just articulate it, but stick to your guns. How much are you able to negotiate with other people to get what you need.”

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Improv Notes, Techniques, and Ideas

This is an ongoing list of ideas, techniques, and notes to help in becoming a better improviser: Dr. Seuss: "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." Saying “No” To Offensive Things – Improv Nonsense “Accept the offer” means “tell me what your character truly thinks of this and why,” not “you have to do this now.” "But if someone, for example, initiates as a really dumb cartoonish chimney sweep, and they’re doing the worst musical theater version of a cockney accent, crooked elbow — and it’s ... Read more

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One word goal, Age 35: Process

For my 35th year, my one-word goal is “Process”. I thought about ideas of acceptance, methods, planning, spontaneousness, and truth. "Process" has a cool and useful double meaning: (1) Accept facts and reality. In every moment there are infinite truths. You could spend the rest of your life describing every detail of a single object, a single moment, and a single memory if you wanted to. What moments are we giving our attention? What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking notice and interest in the places we are. The things we do have hidden good and bad qualities. If ... Read more

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